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8 Hacks to Save Your Life If You Get Lost in the Wild

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Modern people have become accustomed to the conveniences of technology and have forgotten what it takes to thrive in the wild. Although there is a little probability of this happening, you could become lost when camping with your companions. So knowing some simple techniques to use if you find yourself alone in nature is beneficial.
We wish you a good, safe day and found 8 simple hacks that can save your life.

  1. Collect morning dew.

Above all else, water is required for survival. Morning dew is a good source of it. Simply gather it from trees and grass using a piece of fabric. Wring water into your mouth when the fabric is wet. If it’s hot outside, simply drape a piece of rag around your legs and walk on the grass.

  1. Use leaves to get warm.

Leaves are an excellent insulator. Because nights might be extremely cold, you can utilize them to keep warm. Fill a garment with leaves or build a blanket out of them, for example.

They can also be used as a sleeping bag. It’s a lot more comfortable than sleeping on the dirt.

  1. Make a filter for water.

You may create your own filter for filthy water if you have a plastic bottle. Make a hole in a bottle cap first. Then, as shown in the image, cut the bottle and fold the section. For a cleansing system, use grass, stones, embers, and whatever else you can find.
Your water filter is now ready to use.

  1. Don’t drink your urine if you can’t find water.

When you can’t get water and are desperate, it may seem like a smart idea to drink your own urine, but experts say it will dehydrate you much more.
It contains minerals, dissolved salts, and trace levels of poisons from your liver. Simply said, it’s risky.

  1. Collect water using trees and sun

Secure a plastic bag over a branch with leaves if you have one. There should be no air coming through. Allow it to sit for a few hours. Remember that the branches should be exposed to the sun, which will cause the leaves to condense.

  1. Use your own clothes to make fire.

You’ll need something dry and tiny to rub to start a fire. Use your own clothes if you can’t find any dried leaves or little pieces of wood. It could be a sock thread, for example.

  1. Repel insects with pine

Find a pine tree if you’re tired of irritating insects and bugs. Pine oil is a powerful insect repellant. Rub the needles on your skin after crushing them.

  1. Use watches as a compass.

Even an analog timepiece can tell you which way to go. Place the watch horizontally, parallel to the ground. Now, turn your watch or your hand so that the hour hand is directly towards the sun.
Then, as indicated in the diagram, find the center point of the angle between your hour hand and the 12 o’clock mark on your watch. South is the midpoint between the two markings.

What tips do you have for surviving in the wilderness with nothing? What would you do if you found yourself lost in the woods?

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