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6 Simple Tips on How to Combine Clothes and Accessories to Look Flawless All the Time

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From jewelry, hats, and purses to scarves, belts, and shoes, the possibilities for adding pizzazz to your ensemble seem limitless, if not daunting. Accessorizing may appear to some of us to be a tough ability to learn, but it doesn’t have to be. With a few expert ideas up your sleeve, you may transform yourself into your own personal stylist and elevate your clothes to new heights.

We looked at fashion experts’ recommendations and came up with a set of super-easy principles that everyone can follow in everyday life and on big occasions to look amazing.

  1. Choose the right belt for your outfit for a more polished look.

The perfect belt may transform your outfit. Petite women should wear a monochrome slim belt, whilst tall and athletic women should wear a wide belt. Wide belts can also be utilized to bring together various prints.

Super narrow belts look great with solid-colored tops and bottoms, but get buried in crowded patterns. Wide belts look wonderful with jumpsuits and dresses, but they can also be utilized to cinch a sweater or jacket and elongate your silhouette. To be safe, choose a medium-thickness belt that will go with almost anything.

  1. Choose the footwear according to the skirt hemline.

A golden guideline that can save you from looking tacky in a miniskirt is the shorter the skirt, the lower the heel. When worn with ballet flats, loafers, or even a great pair of sneakers, the same miniskirt can look sophisticated and cool. Conversely, don’t be hesitant to pair midi and maxi skirts with sky-high heels. If you can’t stop yourself from wearing high heels with a miniskirt, adding a pair of tights will elevate the outfit.

  1. Accessorize with jewelry or a scarf to divert attention from problem areas.

If you favor figure-hugging skirts but have a belly, a colorful scarf or big jewelry will help draw attention away from your midriff and toward your face. You can also invest in some shapewear to trim down your form even further. If you’re conscious of your tummy, stay away from tight skirts with frills and detailing at the waist.

  1. Balancing your accessories is the key

It’s easy to get carried away with beautiful ornaments and embellishments. Avoid overcomplicating your style by wearing too much jewelry when wearing a scarf. A simple 1:1 ratios rule will help you avoid this error: scarves and necklaces, or scarves with spectacular earrings

  1. Experiment with colorful scarves by changing their purpose.

You are not limited to simply wearing a scarf around your neck. The possibilities for styling an outfit with a scarf are nearly unlimited. It can be used to spruce up an old handbag, as a headband, a hat ornament, or even as a belt replacement.

  1. Don’t pick an oversized bag if you want to look taller.

When looking for a bag, most of us are easily sidetracked by beautiful colors and shapes, forgetting that the scale is the most crucial factor.

Petite women should choose a bag that is tiny to medium in size and has mid-length or short straps. Wider or oversized bags will work against you because they will make you appear shorter.

Box-shaped bags that stand away from the body should be avoided by tall women. Micro bags are the same way. They may be small, yet they can make you appear enormous. A preferable option is rounded, slouchy shoulder bags that can readily alter shape.

Plus-size, curvy women should avoid very small or large slouchy bags in favor of medium-sized structured bags. Extra large bags might add bulk to trouble areas, while extra small bags can make you appear larger. If you prefer compact purses, a clutch could be an excellent choice.

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